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We are happy to answer all your questions regarding the Denkdach.

How many people is the Denkdach suitable for?

The Denkdach can accommodate up to 12 people.

Can we also bring our own working materials?

Of course. You can also send your material in advance to our company address.

Can we also learn creativity techniques and innovation methods in the Denkdach?

Our moderators support you with our know-how. You can book our specialist staff to assist you.

Can we also shoot our commercials, vlogs in the Denkdach?

Our image and sound specialist is happy to assist you with technical matters and is also available to advise you. We fulfil your filming needs.

Can the Denkdach be visited in advance?

We would be happy to show you the Denkdach with all its possibilities and how they can best be used and applied.

Is anyone from the Denkdach team on site during our booking period?

​Our offices are not manned all days of the week. However, we do offer a piqué service for the duration of your booking. We will be available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding technology, creative and prototyping materials and any other issues.

What distinguishes the Denkdach as a workshop room from the classic meeting and seminar rooms?

​The Denkdach Roof offers you a room with all kinds of support. This results in more potential and a richer space to work. You rent a philosophy that offers space for vitality and development. You stay in motion. For you, a completely new quality of encounter with you and your team results. We have everything you need for innovative work. This results in an extremely lasting effectiveness of your workshop.

How long do we have from the train station to the Denkdach? Are there parking spaces, bus stops?

From Olten station it is about 15 minutes on foot. From Hammer Olten station it is about 3 minutes on foot. Opposite the train station there is a bus stop where bus lines 505 and 501 leave every 15 minutes. Nearby there are paid parking spaces and two car parks Hammer 2 and Hübeli.

How can I book the Think Tank?

Please send us an e-mail to, book offers/rents directly here or fill out our form rental inquiry. We will be happy to send you an offer.

What costs can we expect when we book the Denkdach?

​The prices for room rental can be found under the heading Offers/Rents. If you would like to rent our equipment or have us accompany your workshop, please contact us by e-mail at or via the rental inquiry.

What are the liabilities and terms and conditions?

The general liabilities and terms and conditions can be found here: TERMS AND CONDITIONS

In which booking periods can I rent the Denkdach?

The Denkdach can be booked daily from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 18.00 pm, excluding dates that fall within local holidays or public holidays.


These are the available booking shots (with the excepto of estive days, as mentioned above):



Block 1: 08.00 hrs to 10.00 hrs (after a 30 minutes cleaning break)

Block 2: 10.30 am to 12.30 pm (followed by a 60 minute cleaning break)

Block 3: 13.30 hrs to 15.30 hrs (after a 30 minutes cleaning break)

Block 4: 16.00 hrs to 18.00 hrs

What happens if we have to cancel our booking?

That can happen.  Please contact us if you are unable to make the booking.


These are the booking cancellation conditions:


30 days before the start of the rental: none, free cancellation

14 days before the start of the rental period: 40 % of the agreed rental costs

7 days before the start of the rental period: 60 % of the agreed rental costs

2 days before the start of the rental period or in case of no-show: 100% of the agreed rental costs

Can I rent the Denkdach for several days?

The Denkdach is certainly available for seminars lasting several days.  You can book 2, 3, 4 or max. 5 days.

Can I organise a gathering in the Denkdach or set up my Co-Working Space there?

​The Denkdach is primarily intended as a project workshop.  The space cannot be rented for celebrations, drinks, parties or as a co-working space for individuals.  Thank you for your understanding.

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