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The Denkdach is a service of SOULWORXX GmbH. We coach and accompany organisations, teams and people in the areas of "innovation", "corporate, organisational, team and personal development" and in the accompaniment of change.


We live out "New Work" and "Future Work" every day. We know how important it is to break out of the "hamster wheel" in between, to recharge our batteries and to find new ideas and approaches in a "free space".


That's why we founded and furnished the Denkdach - right next to our offices. As a "proof of concept" so to speak. Because we are so close and we know what we are talking about, we can design, moderate and/or lead your meeting, workshop or comprehensive project.


If you would like to see what else we do... then click on the following link and "surf" through our company.






Visit us at:

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