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Workshops in the living room

Our Idea

Where are you most creative?

Where are you most productive?

Where do you get the best ideas?

Mostly when cycling, on the train, doing sports or at home. Creativity moves freely, across space and time. Flashes of thoughts evaporate and we might only remember it in fragments.



The Denkdach is a seminar room of a different kind. In our workshop and creative room, you will receive the tools to help you capture and implement the brightest moments and the sparkling ideas.



We provide you with the intellectual, temporal and local freedom. Just when you need it.



With us you too will become a “roof thinker” Dachdenker

Our Offer


Book the Denkdach for a meeting in a creative environment. Let the positive effects surprise you!



Book the excellently equipped Denkdach for your project work, such as design sprints in a comfortable atmosphere!



For your workshop, you are in good hands in this exceptionally furnished Denkdach. Be creative in a cosy atmosphere!


multiple days

For certain projects you need more time. You are welcome to rent up to five working days in the Denkdach. Allow yourself the time you need!



The Denkdach is also a studio. It is first-class equipped for photo and film shoots as well as for your talks and podcast recordings!



With us you are absolutely right for tailor-made and individual offers. Please contact us and together we will find your solution!


Unser Team

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Markus Müller - Denkdach

Markus shows you on site what is possible in the Denkdach. He will also gladly design and moderate your workshop.

Beata Peier - Denkdach

Beata means all about web, graphics and administration.

Susana Metzger

Susana is the team expert when it comes to transforming your ideas into moving or still images.


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